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This article explains how to configuring protection for a virtual machine from Virtual machines operations menu, or the Recovery Services vault. Recovery Services vaults protect:. For more information on pre and post-script framework for Linux VM backup see Application consistent Linux VM backup using pre-script and post-script. Backup service creates a separate resource group rкниги о сексе the resource group of the VM to store restore point collection.

Customers are advised not to lock the resource group created for use by the Backup service. The naming format of the resource group created by Backup service is: Depending on the number of virtual machines you want to protect, you can begin from different starting points. If you want to back up multiple virtual machines in rкниги о сексе operation, go to the Recovery Services vault and initiate the backup job from the vault dashboard.

If you want to back up a single virtual machine, initiate the backup job from Rкниги о сексе operations menu. Use the following steps to configure the backup job from the Virtual Machine operations menu.

The steps apply only to virtual machines in the Azure portal.

Rкниги о сексе

On the Hub menu, click All services and in the Filter dialog, type Virtual machines. As you type, the list of resources filters. When you see Virtual machines, select it. When you select the VM, the list of virtual machines shifts to the left, and the virtual machine management menu and the virtual rкниги о сексе dashboard, open. On the VM management menu, in the Operations section, click Backup.

In the Recovery Services vault area, click Select existing and choose a vault from the drop-down list. If there are no Recovery Services vaults, or you want to use a new vault, click Create new and provide the name for the new vault. A new vault is created in the same Resource Group and same region as the virtual machine. If you want to create a Recovery Services vault with different values, see the section on how to create a recovery services vault.

From the Choose backup policy menu, select a policy. The details for the selected policy appears beneath the drop-down menu. If you want rкниги о сексе create a new policy or edit the existing policy, click Create or edit a new policy to open the Backup policy editor.

For instructions on defining a backup policy, see Defining a backup policy. To save the changes to the backup policy and return to the Enable backup menu, click OK. To apply the Recovery Rкниги о сексе vault and backup policy to the virtual machine, click Enable Backup to deploy the policy.

Deploying the policy associates it with the rкниги о сексе and the virtual machines. You can track the configuration progress through the notifications that appear in the portal.

Rкниги о сексе

The following example shows that Deployment started. Once the configuration progress has completed, on the VM management menu, click Backup to open the Backup menu and view the available details. Until the initial backup has completed, Last backup status shows as Warning Initial backup pending. To see when the next rкниги о сексе backup job occurs, under Summary click the name of the policy. The Backup Policy menu opens and shows the time of the scheduled backup. On the Backup Now menu, click the calendar icon, use the calendar control to select the last day this recovery point is retained, and click OK.

Deployment notifications let rкниги о сексе know the backup job has been triggered, and that you can monitor the progress of the job on the Backup jobs page.

A Recovery Services vault is an entity that stores all the backups and recovery points that have been created over time. The Recovery Services vault also contains the backup policy applied to the protected VMs. Backing up VMs is a local process. rкниги о сексе

Rкниги о сексе

You cannot back up VMs from one region to a Recovery Services vault in another region. So, for every Azure region that has VMs to be backed up, at least one Recovery Services vault must exist in that region.

When you see Recovery Services vaults in the list, click it. The Recovery Services vault menu opens, prompting you to provide a NameSubscriptionResource grouprкниги о сексе Location. For Nameenter a friendly name to identify the vault. The name needs to be unique for the Azure subscription.

Type a name that rкниги о сексе between 2 and 50 characters. It must start with a letter, and can contain only letters, numbers, and hyphens. In the Subscription section, use the drop-down menu to choose the Rкниги о сексе subscription. If you use only one subscription, that subscription appears and you can skip to the next step. If you are not sure which subscription to use, use the default or suggested subscription.

There are multiple choices only if your organizational account is associated with multiple Azure subscriptions. For complete information on Resource groups, see rкниги о сексе Azure Resource Manager overview. Click Location to select the geographic region for the vault. This choice determines the geographic region where your backup data is sent.

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If you are unsure of the region in which your VM exists, close out of the rкниги о сексе creation rкниги о сексе, and go to the list of Virtual Machines in the portal.

If you have virtual machines in multiple regions, create a Recovery Services vault in each region. Create the vault in the first region before going to the next region.

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There is no need to specify the storage accounts used to store the backup data--the Recovery Services vault and the Azure Backup service automatically handle the storage.

It can take several minutes for the Recovery Services vault to be created. Monitor the status notifications in the upper right-hand area of the portal. Once your vault is created, it appears in the list of Recovery Services vaults. Once you see your vault in the list of Recovery Services vaults, you are ready to set the storage redundancy. The storage replication option allows you to choose between geo-redundant storage and locally redundant storage.

By default, your vault has geo-redundant storage. If the Recovery Services vault is your primary backup, leave the storage replication option set to geo-redundant storage. Read more about geo-redundant and locally redundant storage options rкниги о сексе the Azure Storage replication overview. If you use Azure as a rкниги о сексе backup storage endpoint, continue to use Geo-redundant.

Rкниги о сексе more about geo-redundant and locally redundant storage options in this Storage redundancy overview. Before registering a VM with a vault, run the discovery process rкниги о сексе ensure that any new virtual machines that have been added to the subscription are identified.

Rкниги о сексе

The process queries Azure for the list of virtual machines in the subscription, along with additional information like the cloud service rкниги о сексе and the region. In the Azure portal, scenario refers to what you are going to put into the recovery services vault. Policy is the schedule for how often and when recovery points are taken.

Policy also includes the rкниги о сексе range for the recovery points. If you already have a recovery services vault open, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, click All services. Type Recovery Services and click Recovery Services vaults. Rкниги о сексе the Backup Goal menu, from the Where is your workload running drop-down menu, choose Azure.

From the What do you want to backup drop-down, choose Virtual machine, then click OK. These actions register the VM extension with the vault. The Backup Goal menu closes and the Backup policy menu opens. The details of the default policy are listed under the drop-down menu. If you want to create a policy, select Create New from the drop-down menu.

Rкниги о сексе

Click OK to associate the backup policy with the vault. In the Select virtual machines menu, choose the virtual machines to associate with the specified policy and click OK.

Rкниги о сексе

The selected virtual machine is validated. If you do not see the virtual machines that you expected to see, check that they exist in the same Azure location as the Recovery Services vault and that they are not already being protected. The location of the Recovery Services vault is shown on the vault dashboard.

Now that you have defined all settings for rкниги о сексе vault, in the Backup menu, click Enable Backup to deploy the policy to the vault and the VMs. Deploying the backup policy does not create the rкниги о сексе recovery point for the virtual machine. After successfully enabling the backup, your backup policy will execute on schedule.

Rкниги о сексе

However, proceed to initiate the first backup job. Once a backup policy has been deployed on the virtual machine, that does rкниги о сексе mean the data has been backed up.

Rкниги о сексе

By default, the first scheduled backup as defined in the backup policy is the initial backup. Until the initial backup occurs, the Last Backup Status on the Backup Jobs menu shows as Warning initial backup pending. Unless your initial backup is due to begin soon, it is recommended that you run Back up Now. On the vault dashboard, click the number under Backup Itemsor click the Backup Items tile.

On the Backup Items list, click rкниги о сексе ellipses On the Backup Now menu, click the calendar icon, use the calendar control to select the last day this recovery point is retained, and click Backup. Depending rкниги о сексе the size of your VM, creating the initial backup may take a while.

To view or track the status of the initial backup, on the vault dashboard, on the Backup Jobs tile click In rкниги о сексе.

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